Reuben Jacob CPP   Director, Security Solutions 

T   604-685-6011   |   Dir   604-834-8449   |   F   604-685-0013

Gordon Niemann - Technology Expert


Adrian Nelson - Main point of contact



Canada’s strict firearms laws prevent Securiguard from providing or needing ARMED guards.

Securiguard will be co-ordinateing with Vancouver Police Department to ensure that there is adequate ARMED coverage in the area.


  • Overall site security 
  • Video Surveillance
  • UNARMED guards 
  • Access Control
  • Overnight site patrol
  • K9 Patrol 
  • Vancouver Police Liaison
  • Airport escorts* 
  • Personal security*
*Not included in exhibitor price.  Contact for pricing information. 


  • Overnight asset security 
  • ARMED guards

Airport escort service

Through co-ordination with YVR airport security.

Meeting at the Gate immediately after de-plaining by a plain clothes security agent.

  • They will escort you to the customs and immigration hall where you will be met by your broker and process your importation.
  • It is our recommendation that at this time you immediately give the goods to BRINKS who will also meet you in the customs hall.
    • If you choose to continue to hand carry for any reason, Securiguard will have continued escort service at your disposal waiting outside the airport. 

Extra guards 

The VAULT is a high security event.  The organizers and Securiguard have taken every reasonable step to ensure the fair is safe and secure.  Should you or your insurance company require dedicated guards, Securiguard will provide these for you.

Our preferred rate is $TBD per hour/per guard