All Exhibitors are responsible for their OWN SHOW INSURANCE.  

The VAULT luxury promotions INC. will NOT insure your inventory.  


For insurance reference:

The VAULT luxury promotions INC. will contract Securiguard as our security consultants and agents.

Securiguard will be providing:

  1. HD Camera and recording as mapped on the Security page 
  2. k9 patrol 
  3. Vancouver police liaison and co-ordination. (VPD will be on site with ARMED officers) 
  4. evening facility patrol - to prevent case tampering
  5. Onsite guards. 

The Vault Luxury Promotions INC. will contract BRINKS as our secure logistics provider.  

Brinks will be providing:

  1. Overnight inventory storage
  2. Onsite logistics and customs consulting.
  3. 2 armed agents onsite during operating hours - (Due to Canadian gun laws, they are not permitted to perform security duties.  The are there for logistics purposes)