Import Deadline into Canada:  Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Brinks has been selected as the official armed carrier for The VAULT.  As the only internationally recognized secure shipper with an office in Vancouver, they are able to provide all of their renowned service without having to outsource. 


"Your Company Name" C/O THE VAULT

Van Dusen Botanical Garden 

5251 Oak Street, Vancouver BC V6M 4H1

All incoming shipments will be held in the Brinks Vault until the start of the fair.  Regardless of when they arrive in Canada.

Main Contacts:


Not Responsible for:

  • Onsite security 
  • Onsite armed protection
  • Personel or Client security
  • Show or Exhibitor insurance


  • Inbound and outbound high value shipping
  • Overnight vaulting and insurance. 
  • Onsite inventory movement. 
  • Customs consultation

Brink’s Global Services is pleased to present the following tariffs for transportation to/from the show in Vancouver held on September 12-13, 2015.

Transportation: US Network Cities to Vancouver

ONE WAY                                                                            

Base:                           CAD $165                                                     

Liability Valuation:     CAD $0.95 per $1000 of declared value, minimum charge $300                  

Weight:                        CAD $20.50 per kg                           


Customs Clearance:

Carnet clearance:         CAD $50 each way

Registration:                USD $125 (registering goods prior to export for entry back into the US)

CC in US:                    USD $125 (return shipment)


Temporary Import Bond (TIB):

CAD $1.50 per $1000 of declared value; minimum charge $300 and maximum charge $700

TIB allows entry into Canada without paying duties/taxes up front.

Customer can sell goods at the show and pay duties/taxes only on the items sold.


Import Deadline into Canada:

Wednesday, September 9, 2015