A bit about Ari....

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Acclaimed specialty business coach and advisor.

Gem/Jewellery Broker and Collector

GIA Graduate Gemologist

Lapidary Artist

Ski Industry Professional and Writer

100 million reasons to go to the garden.

Power player Ari Goosen earned a stellar reputation amongst an affluent crowd and those with an affinity for the best in jewellery.
As a recent keynote speaker for CGA’s annual conference, this industry insider paid his dues as a designer, trade show vendor, and account manager which led to a career as a thriving gem consultant. This savvy professional promotes high-end jewellery world-wide and “loves to share his passion for precious gems and incredible antique jewellery pieces,” shares Geraldine De Poortere of Ralph Lauren. Goosen is a sought- after advisor to top jewellers and collectors around the world. It’s no surprise that Goosen’s expertise in, collectible gems led to launching Ari Goosen Consulting Group (AGCG) and The Vault Luxury. AGCG offers industry leading lectures and education, brokerage, and
business consulting at the luxury level... The Vault, whose famed signature event “The Vault in the Garden” featured one of a kind gems and jewels worth over $100 million. Ever the entrepreneur, Goosen made this the first and only event of its kind in Canada. In addition, the event was a global  first by allowing collectors to purchase their new-found treasure directly onsite— fully insured! Based in Vancouver, Goosen’s passion for gems brings out his ever inquisitive and creative character that clients love and respect.
— Canadian Jeweller Magazine - Northern Stars - Summer 2017